Hedgy Acquired by Wyre Crypto Payment Startup for ...

Be aware, troll liars have nothing left except to talk about Gox trustee "dumpage"

in a post mortem scare tactic...when the reality is he has only 164k BTC left and now we know it was forced selling and very unprofessional selling. Go look at the avg daily volume folks let alone avg weekly value if you think the sky is falling. LOL. Let alone that moron should have sold in block trades off exchange, which is likely gonna happen now as the drapers of the world call this fool out. I believe this stupid trustee has fufilled his main duty to get gox people whole at 400 buck valuation. The remaining blocks might remain off exchange for a long time or be bought by all the new hedgie/funds/ coinbase institutional accounts looking to get into the business
These negative people are on here posting from their pjs are fakes or relentless liars who need crypto aka btc/ltc/bch/eth down. Likely are permabear types like you see on chris duane or zerohedge channel. Do not trust them and their ceaseless fud troll posts and replies. They are pathetic people based on my observations and interactions. They don't even know how to pull out a chart and know which way the LT trend is.
It also looks like he was the bch relentless seller so bch is high reward from here probably more so
I've seen posts of people once they get their court approved money back, guess what they are gonna do with it? Yep, reinvest
PS: Here's your chance LLOYD and JAMIE. Call up the dude and relieve him of his position. oh wait, he won't be selling so cheap next time as court order is fufilled/forced liquidation was the whole reason of this 2 months sell of
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A new startup named Hedgy is looking to tackle one of bitcoin’s biggest problems – volatility. While an entire industry including payment processors, wallets and data-driven tools has been built around bitcoin, the thorny issue of how to reduce its volatility against more familiar fiat currencies still remains. The team at Hedgy thinks that the ability […] Hedging Bitcoin Volatility. Bitcoins price is volatile. It can be up 20% one morning, and down 35% the same evening. Bitcoin holders can now choose to use services provided by companies to hedge ... Bitcoin Chartanalyse Hedging Mit Optionen Byrne Reesehead of product at BitReserve, stated their common customer demographic as:. Also included in the losses are any increases in the simulated price path resulting in a higher strike price before the options were driven into effect. By the effects of mitigating losses, reducing volatility and still providing a return, the use of a hedging ... Surprisingly, the Bitcoin (BTC) is more popular than many of us expected, according to a new study that revealed that 80% of Americans are aware of Bitcoin. The investigation also determined the level of popularity of 15 other cryptocurrencies, besides BTC. While 80% of Americans heard of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies as well, 49% […] Hedgy is another company specializing in Bitcoin technology in 2018. The company was founded a few years back, and had won major support from coveted venture capitalists as they continued to develop their brand. This organization was known for its development of smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain, and they were some of the first developers on the scene for this important industry. This ...

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