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GAINS Announcements

Crypto News Summary- May 7
🔹 General News: — UFC partners with Chiliz to release digital fan tokens of fighters — Chinese Court rules Bitcoin as a legal property but not a currency — Cambridge University releases new tool for tracking global Bitcoin mining power — CFTC charges multiple firms for $15 million crypto and binary options scam
🔹 Coin Specific News: — Libra Association names HSBC chief legal officer Stuart Levey as CEO — Chromia (CHR) has won Binance community coin vote and will get listed on Binance — TON community launches free version of Telegram open Blockchain — Stellar Enterprise Fund invests $5M in Crypto App Abra ahead of Blockchain integration — Verasity (VRA) is expanding to major eSports games and will launch CS:GO tournaments and betting
🔹 Exchanges: — CoinShares unveils trading unit, says it traded over $3 billion in crypto during 2019 — OKEx will host initial exchange offering of NDN Link (NDN) on May 20 — Crypto exchange OSL to establish ‘digital asset powerhouse’ in Asia and US
🔹 Cool tech fact: Bitcoin price was $0.003 exactly 10 years ago in its first days of trading
💬 Quote of the day: "You don't get to the moon by climbing a tree." —Sam Hinkie
🔹 Brought to you by @GainsANN
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GAINS Announcements

Crypto News Summary- May 7
🔹 General News: — UFC partners with Chiliz to release digital fan tokens of fighters — Chinese Court rules Bitcoin as a legal property but not a currency — Cambridge University releases new tool for tracking global Bitcoin mining power — CFTC charges multiple firms for $15 million crypto and binary options scam
🔹 Coin Specific News: — Libra Association names HSBC chief legal officer Stuart Levey as CEO — Chromia (CHR) has won Binance community coin vote and will get listed on Binance — TON community launches free version of Telegram open Blockchain — Stellar Enterprise Fund invests $5M in Crypto App Abra ahead of Blockchain integration — Verasity (VRA) is expanding to major eSports games and will launch CS:GO tournaments and betting
🔹 Exchanges: — CoinShares unveils trading unit, says it traded over $3 billion in crypto during 2019 — OKEx will host initial exchange offering of NDN Link (NDN) on May 20 — Crypto exchange OSL to establish ‘digital asset powerhouse’ in Asia and US
🔹 Cool tech fact: Bitcoin price was $0.003 exactly 10 years ago in its first days of trading
💬 Quote of the day: "You don't get to the moon by climbing a tree." —Sam Hinkie
🔹 Brought to you by @GainsANN
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Play Royal Updates and News

Play Royal Updates and News
With much anticipation PlayRoyal has finally released it referral system. That’s right you can now promote play royal and earn a share of the rewards mined on the platform from your referees. you earn a percentage of house edge wins, trading fees and Poker rake for all the Play Royal clients you refer via your unique link, plus your referrals will also receive a mining bonus for the first week.
Not only does the referrer get a bonus but the referee gets 1% mining bonus on all tokens. In addition, that mining bonus also stacks with mining leader bonuses on the platform which means new players can stack royally while mining. For more incentive Play Royal is also running an referral competition.

Use your unique referral link to invite people to play on Play Royal. As the players play you will earn rewards based on the players wagers as mentioned above. The People with the most cumulative earnings in the top 20 spots will earn rewards as listed below.
Oct 12, 2019 4:00 AM
Nov 1, 2019 4:00 PM
  1. 7,500,000 PLAY and 30,000 TRX
  2. 5,000,000 PLAY and 20,000 TRX
  3. 3,500,000 PLAY and 14,000 TRX
See the full rewards table on site.
SDT is now available as trading pairs and for betting on Play Royal games.
As promised, USDT is now live. Use the USD stable coin in our exchange, or simply play any of the Play Royal created games found on our system using the ERC-20 token. USDT, BTC and PLAY betting on Betsoft games will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
BTC is now enabled on Play Royal in both the exchange and a large portion of our games. Play our provably fair games on Play Royal with PLAY, RWD, TRX, ETH, BTC and USDT

PlayRoyal RoadMap:
⁃ Bitcoin (BTC) Full integration (Games+Exchange) - Done
⁃ Litecoin (LTC) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ EOS (EOS) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ Matic (MATIC) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ Launching an Epic Referral System platform wide - Done
⁃ Daily tasks
⁃ News section - Done
⁃ Integrated forum
⁃ Special VIP features
⁃ Launch Deposit Bonuses - Done
⁃ Notification inbox
⁃ The Return of the New enhanced FOMO3D
⁃ The Return of the New enhanced Multiplayer Dice
⁃ Daily Race Cash prizes to replace mining bonus
⁃ Poker sit'n'go, tournaments and jackpots
⁃ PVP games between players
⁃ Poker optimization for mobile
⁃ List Play Token on Delta & Portfolio
⁃ List Play Royal Exchange on and - Done
⁃ Launching Crash The Moon Multiplayer Game
⁃ Esports
⁃ More Autobet Features on Games
⁃ Changing Maximum bet to Maximum win on Dice
⁃ Launching a Marketing Campaign – In progress and Ongoing
⁃ Adding More languages to the Play Royal Platform - Done
⁃ Onboarding experience for new players with rewards
⁃ Landing pages + more content on each page
DappStats, FIO.Social, Crypto Alliance, BETSOFT, and more to come.

Play Royal is not just about the game but also about the experience. Play Royal has made moves to improve the user interface, reliability, community environment with CEO Tony Discord AMA and much more. If you have not tried out play royal now is the time.
Press Play and come see how it feels to be Royal.
Daily News 25 October 2019
PLAY ROYAL🔹Best Online Crypto Casino & Crypto Exchange Platform 🔹
🚧 Hello PLAYers! BlackJack is currently under maintenance. We thank you for your patience 🙏 🚧
USDT Now On Play Royal 🚀🚀🚀
Hello fellow players! As promised, USDT is now live. Use the USD stable coin in our exchange to beat the market, or simply play any of the Play Royal created games found on our system using the ERC-20 token. USDT, BTC and PLAY betting on Betsoft games will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
We have plenty of exciting updates planned for Q4 of 2019. Stay tuned in the coming week for our first ever exciting holiday event as things at Play Royal get a little spooky.
PLAYROYAL Referral Competition 🎁🎁🎁
Competition Period: Oct 12, 2019 8:00 AM utc - Nov 1, 2019 8 PM utc
⛏ Current Mining Efficiencies:
▪️ Round 33 of 250 (Current Round Progress: 2.748% )
🚀 BTC ➡️ 0.000159 BTC : 1 RWD + 50% RWD 🚀 USDT ➡️ 1.29 USDT : 1 RWD + 50% RWD 🚀 PLAY ➡️ 23,333 PLAY :1 RWD + 30% RWD
🚀 ETH ➡️ 0.0084 ETH : 1 RWD + 25% RWD 🚀 TRX ➡️ 84 TRX : 1 RWD + 25% RWD
Daily Party:
Burn your RWD tokens to get your share of the pool, There is a:
50% bonus for RWD burned for the first 12 hours
25% bonus for the following 8 hours, with the
0% bonus for the Final 4 hours
🔥 First 12 hours ➕ 50% Bonus
🔥 12th - 20th hour ➕ 25% Bonus
🔥 Last 4 hours ➕ 0% Bonus
🔥🔥🔥Weekly RWD Burn🔥🔥🔥
64,821 RWD been burned from playing with RWD -
🔲 Need Help? Join Debug Telegram 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨
🔲 Texas Hold'em Telegram Poker Lounge ♠️
🔲 Official PlayRoyal Announcement Channel
🔲 Wagered RWD Burn Counter - From Playing With RWD
🔲 How to Play the MAX QUEST: Wrath of Ra Slot? 🔲 RoadMap Chart
🔲 Discord AMA With PlayRoyal CEO Tony - PDF Link
❇️❇️ Stay tuned as the exciting announcements at Play Royal don’t slow down. 😉😉
Happy trading and happy gaming! 📝📝
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Crypto Currency & The world of Decentralized Casino DApps

Crypto Currency & The world of Decentralized Casino DApps
Crypto currency is a fairly new thing, it all started about 10 years ago with birth of BItcoin in 2009. Inherently this technology has matured steadily since then and is about to disrupt the conventional financial market by storm. The whole crypto currency market valuation stands about 250 Billion today, having reached an all time high of 829 Billion in January 2017.
A crypto currency is a tradable digital asset or digital form of money, built on blockchain technology that only exists online. ... At its simplest a crypto currency works by logging transactions into a database to work out how much of that currency each individual, or their address is holding.
A DApp is an application where the code runs on a decentralized p2p network. Often, the term DApp refers to Smart Contracts, since these contracts run on the blockchain network, which is decentralized. The user interface or the front-end can be run on any server, while making calls to the back-end.
Dapp & Decentralized Blockchain Casinos:
When talking about a Casino DApp, this means that the front-end can be developed like any other app. However, the backend, or the internal workings of a casino are ran on a decentralized network. Payouts, the random number generator, the algorithms, etc – all of these are coded within the smart contracts which run on the network.
This technology is still in its infancy and it takes time to develop complex casino applications. Right now, most of the offerings are somewhat limited at the moment with most of the available casino DApps offering bare-bones, simple and fun games such as dice, moon/crash, wheel where you can wager selected crypto currency depending on which platform they are attached to: such as Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Waves, Bitcoin etc.
Not all gloom and doom, soon all this are about to change as big leaps are being made by developers, there are some great operators that offer great casino DApp at the moment while always improving, one good example is which runs under Tron blockchain.
This casino DApp has been 6 months in the making, and currently offers 10 truly beautifully built games: Dice, Big Wheel, Party Dice, Black Jack, Bacarrat, Roullete, Slot, Plinko, FOMO3D & Texas Hold'em.....yes, you hear me right, Texas Hold'em Poker!! PlayGoc is the 1st Tron based casino Dapp that rolled this out, while still having more games in the pipeline: Moon, Cryptoracer, Esport Betting etc. The games UI are exceptional & professional looking, not so cartoonish like most of the other casino Dapps out there.
Currently, the tokens accepted for gamings are Tron based: TRX, PLAY (platform own native token), IGG, SEED, LoveHearts & BitTorrent (BTT). Soon there will be crosschain integration - EOS, ETH, Bitcoin etc. As with most casino Dapps, users will be rewarded with mining token when they play. Over here at PLAYGoc, the mining token is called RWD. It can be traded at the exchange, hold & receive weekly TRX dividends fr the market or one time BURN at the daily RDW Party for a share of that day's house profit.
On top of that, this platform also has a built in exchange: "PLAY MARKET" where people can seamlessly buy/sell Tron based tokens without even having to leave the site.
Ever since I discovered this DApp, there's only one word.. WOW!!! I could play for hours & hours long...having so much fun & mining some precious RWD tokens :) I really believe this is one of the best Dapp & wish them doing well
That's it for now. In my next post, I'll get into details why in my mind PLAYGoc ranked as my favorite casino Dapp, my favorite games & my strategies.
P:s Don't just take my word, go and give the site at try. Be your own judge :)
It is strongly recommended that players choose a responsible limit and play within it.
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All The Longreads (So Far)

I'm trying to work on a system that would pull only the longreads links out and shove them into their own RSS feed. It's super hacky and embarrassing and all the other things that prevent people from sharing code (I will eventually, I's only 11 lines of python right now). But, I should at least share all the links, by date, in a post. Please enjoy all the longreads:
Tue, 20 Nov 2018 21:56:00 -0000 * How The Wall Street Journal is preparing its journalists to detect deepfakes * Self-driving trucks in US offer window into where machines may replace humans * When Elon Musk Tunnels Under Your Home * The Case Against Quantum Computing * HOW GOOGLE AND AMAZON GOT AWAY WITH NOT BEING REGULATED * How to Use an iPod Touch as a Secure Device Instead of a Phone * Scientists say goodbye to physical definition of the kilogram
Fri, 16 Nov 2018 22:15:10 -0000 * THE GENIUS NEUROSCIENTIST WHO MIGHT HOLD THE KEY TO TRUE AI * Are Killer Robots the Future of War? Parsing the Facts on Autonomous Weapons * The Internet Has a Huge C/C++ Problem and Developers Don't Want to Deal With It * How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit * THE HAIL MARY PLAN TO RESTART A HACKED US ELECTRIC GRID * Space Camp grows up
Fri, 09 Nov 2018 21:56:00 -0000 * Why Technology Favors Tyranny * Tech C.E.O.s Are in Love With Their Principal Doomsayer * HQ Trivia was a blockbuster hit — but internal turmoil and a shrinking audience have pushed its company to the brink * ‘It’s Giant and Has Like Five Million Buttons.’ The Office Desk Phone Won’t Die * Why Doctors Hate Their Computers * Here Comes ‘Smart Dust,’ the Tiny Computers That Pull Power from the Air * ASTRONOMERS SEE MATERIAL ORBITING A BLACK HOLE RIGHT AT THE EDGE OF FOREVER
Fri, 02 Nov 2018 20:56:00 -0000 * The Facebook Dilemma, Part 1 * The Facebook Dilemma, Part 2 * A Cryptocurrency Millionaire Wants to Build a Utopia in Nevada * The Man Behind the Scooter Revolution * A Fork in the Road for Avis * The Encyclopedia of the Missing
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Fri, 05 Oct 2018 20:56:00 -0000 * The iPhone XS & XS Max Review: Unveiling the Silicon Secrets * Sex Workers Pioneered the Early Internet—and It Screwed Them Over * Raised by YouTube * Old Unicorn, New Tricks: Airbnb Has A Sky-High Valuation. Here's Its Audacious Plan To Earn It * EA announces ‘FIFA 19’ PS4 esports tournament
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Fri, 21 Sep 2018 20:46:00 -0000 * Inside Facebook’s Election ‘War Room’ * Bitcoin Miners Flock to New York’s Remote Corners, but Get Chilly Reception * Living The Stream * A brief history of the numeric keypad * Inside the Dramatic, Painful--and Hugely Successful--Return of Reddit's Founders
Fri, 14 Sep 2018 20:55:47 -0000 * Android 9 Pie, thoroughly reviewed * Why a Leading Venture Capitalist Is Betting on a Decentralized Internet * Olaf Carlson-Wee Rode the Bitcoin Boom to Silicon Valley Riches. Can He Survive the Crash? * Memo to the Silicon Valley boys’ club: Arlan Hamilton has no time for your BS * Driverless Hype Collides With Merciless Reality
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Fri, 03 Aug 2018 20:56:00 -0000 * How Robot Hands Are Evolving to Do What Ours Can * Why the Next Silicon Valley Will Probably Be Outside the U.S. * Masayoshi Son’s secret to running his $100 billion fund: Telling start-ups to treat each other like family * What Happened to General Magic? * Growing Up Jobs
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Fri, 27 Apr 2018 20:30:29 -0000 * Inside Jeff Bezos’s DC Life * Hulu Beyond 'Handmaid's Tale': Execs and Stars on a Promising Yet Uncertain Future * Can Silicon Valley Get You Pregnant? * You could be flirting on dating apps with paid impersonators
Fri, 06 Apr 2018 21:05:17 -0000 * Lawyer bots take the hassle out of fighting parking tickets and property taxes — and could cost local governments real revenue * How Europe’s new privacy rule is reshaping the internet * Checking in with the Facebook fact-checking partnership * A 200-Year-Old Idea Offers A New Way to Trace Stolen Bitcoins * South Korean millennials are reeling from the Bitcoin bust
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Ark Vision by @grexx

42letters everytime I tell someone about ARK, the first things they ask are: how does it compare to the interledger?
and "isn't blocknet doing that?"
do any devs in here know the answers to these questions? (edited)
grexx There's like 30 fucking esports betting tokens but not one actual game using a token for in game currency since that crap card game like 3 years ago... spells of genesis or whatever it was...
Blockchain makes more sense for gaming than anything. You can build a real world economy and eliminate cheating / players artificial finding ways to give their accounts codes because it's all secured by blockchain.
seems like we would see more indie gaming companies testing the waters with ICO's and token/blockchain use
kfro are there any big game publishers on the case?
grexx @42letters Interledger and Blocknet, as well as most others in the space have completely focused on allowing cross chain token transfer like a decentralized exchange or a shapeshift clone. While that is one possible use case for SmartBridge, it is only the beginning.
42letters thank you @grexx
may I ask for your background and/or relationship to the project?
grexx ARK has 2 major focuses. First, allowing people to easily deploy their own blockchains for whatever purpose they need them for. Making it easier than deploying a SQL database or ordering a pizza.
That is phase one. Being the easiest to deploy and work with blockchain tech on the market with a solid consensus mechanism (our DPoS).
Phase 2 involves full, 2 way communication of not just tokens, but information between blockchains the same way you would use traditional databases. Tokens are just one possible store of information, there are many other things you can do when the blockchains speak the same language and can truly communicate and cross data between one another.
piepie how would this be achievable with current blockchains that aren't based on ark?
grexx We make it super easy to deploy and work and then market to developers and projects looking for blockchain and then once ARKchains are deployed in handfuls of projects, we start discussing ways in which we can share and inter-operate on a level that hasn't been accomplished yet.
Current blockchains not based on ARK would require a hard fork in most cases to be fully compatible, as we have discussed before. But we have already been working on ways around that to do some pretty interesting things without full implementation of SmartBridge.
ARK was originally created because we had ideas for 7-8 specific services we wanted to build for blockchain but we wanted them to be able to communicate between one another and utilize one token for a plethora of services. Lisk couldn't accommodate that functionality so we decided to build it ourselves. Then we realized it could be something a lot bigger than just our 7-8 blockchain services we were considering and we moved our focus to building the platform itself. We still fully intend, once the platform is complete, to develop a handful of core services working on SmartBridge ourselves.
But all of that is for a later date and time.
For now, many of those things need to stay under wraps
jakethepanda I didn't know the @grexx AMA started.
grexx @42letters I'm a board member and creative / strategic adviser I guess you would say. Founding member of Crypti along with Mike, the pre-cursor to Lisk.
Been in blockchain for a while, done some things, have some ideas. You know, just like everyone else in the space.. :joy:
@jakethepanda We are going to try and get our first live stream with DJ, Canna, and I scheduled soon to talk to everyone and answer questions.
goldenpepe Where do the encoded listeners come in if other chains don't hard fork?
grexx Encoded listeners can work with both SmartBridge compatible and non-smartbridge chains and are essentially isolated programs.
They can be coded to do all kinds of things.
If a specific chain that isn't an ARKchain passes a certain type of information, there is no reason we can siphon / read that transactions information and use it to our advantage.
We just can't encode the actual transaction and information being passed in our own proprietary way.
So we can't influence what is being passed or the way it is being passed, but we can still code specific mechanisms to react to the way the chain itself functions.
This is easy with something like Eth where you can do all kinds of things already. For Bitcoin, well Bitcoin really is just a value store with financial transactions so transfer of tokens is mostly what you would be concerned with anyways.
If any of that makes sense.
goldenpepe so an encoded listener is just some off-chain bot that watches different chains and is programmed to do certain things? (edited)
grexx That is part of it. However, I won't go into more detail for now and it will have to wait until we are ready to discuss it more in depth.
grexx Alright, I think I've said enough, I'm going to shut up before I end up getting in trouble. :joy:
plus my son is yelling at me to find him clothes.
hylex hi, can someone link me to the video @dr10 did promoting ark?
grexx YouTube Dr10 ARK for BEGINNERS (subtitled)
hylex thanks : )
hylex really good video :+1:
42letters do any of the devs visit this slack?
might seem like a silly question in hindsight
grexx our whole team is on Slack but we keep @fixcrypt locked in a closet and only let him out on special occasions... :joy:
Several of those who are usually really active here are traveling to HACKUC which we are sponsoring and then from there to another event we are headline sponsor for
but if you have a question specifically development related, you are more likely to catch them in #development
42letters i have one more question (for now). would you place Bancor in the same basket as interledger? you mentioned earlier how token exchange is only one aspect of Ark's functionality. in respect of this, would you consider Bancor as only fulfilling this aspect, or does it compete with Ark in any broader way?
grexx Bancor, like many other projects currently being built, focuses pretty much exclusively on the ETH ERC20 ecosystem and trading & liquidity mechanisms within that ETH ecosystem.
Until ETH fixes it's scaling issues and tx volume issues, I don't believe that is a great model. ETH right now can't even handle the volume from 1 hot crowdsale, how will they facilitate volume from all of those ERC20 tokens if they end up being hugely popular and each having millions of transactions happening all of the time?
grexx Everyone is building out this infrastructure for trading these ERC20 tokens but that's not our goal.
We are facilitating companies and projects that want their own dedicated blockchain.
not just a token
42letters thanks @grexx
grexx We aren't loading up the ARK main network with ass tons of useless speculative trading volume from thousands of tokens for projects that will never amount to a bag of dicks.
If that clears it up, lol.
42letters what are your thoughts on Eth switching to dPoS this year? won't this solve tx time issue (to some extent)?
grexx No. First, they may or may not transition to PoS at some point in the future.
There is going to be a large fight that happens when the time comes.
I'm not certain it won't end up causing another fork to even get it implemented.
A lot of mining power has moved to ETH.
42letters i think if it causes another significant fork, ETH will be in some trouble
grexx ETH is a hot mess.
This is exactly what most people predicted though before they even launched.
42letters however, if it does move to PoS, how does it position itself compared to Ark in terms of speed time?
grexx It's too much on one blockchain, too much bloat, too much room for error requiring all the nodes to execute contracts on the main chain and with untested code.
There are plenty of blockchains out there functioning on PoS consensus mechanisms.
They can be all different ranges of block times.
The issue isn't block times, its TPS.
They are trying to do too much on one network right now that just can't scale with the demand for these ICO's.
Which ends up halting anyone from doing ANYTHING on the network.
Think about this. If ETH right now were a global payment system and all of your money was in ETH and you used it to pay for your rent, lunch, groceries, ATT bill, etc.
Every time there is an active ICO, you can't buy coffee, groceries, gas, or anything for 3 days.
It's a fundamental problem.
42letters can the Ark mainnet handle the scale of these ICos? i guess I'm asking how is Ark handling the possibility of bloat on its network if it become ubiquitous
grexx people are ignoring it and assuming Vitalik will solve the problem through a combination of PoS, Sharding, or some other magical method.
The ARK main net would never try.
We would build a secondary blockchain that would process ICO's and be a token chain that could then implement a master node structure and maintain 5-6 sub networks that would load share and use SmartBridge to gain cross-chain transaction consensus.
42letters Oh, I think I'm seeing the broader picture here
Because of Smartbridge, you can have sidechains process load heavy transactions and then have them connect/communicate with the mainnet via these listening nodes (or whatever you called them earlier)
Is that the gist?
grexx That's the idea. There is a lot more to it and making it work but that's the ultimate goal.
42letters Smartbridge is the central tech here
grexx Every application or service we want to work with ARK would be built as it's own chain that would be able to accept ARK or cross-communicate, but the majority of the heavy loading would be done by the subchains.
The ARK mainnet will be focused 100% on maximizing tx volume and TPS of the core ARK token.
then we replicate that and add in additional functions and features for what we need the subchain to do.
all will be push button deployable and open source to encourage thousands of implementations for anything your can dream up.
42letters that's an incredible value proposition. i hope it's feasible haha
grexx It's not going to be easy to build and it will take time, but it is feasible.
42letters I wish I was a developer so I could help
grexx We have something like $30 million in assets, an amazing open source community and new developers tinkering around with the code all the time, and a core team of over 20 members who are all still here busting their ass daily.
I like our chances.
42letters yes the community is very promising
grexx The whole industry is an experiment and could collapse at any moment with one major flaw or issue in bitcoin or ethereum, but for now, it's a hell of a lot of fun to be a part of.
42letters if eth and btc collapse, wouldn't something like ark bring the markets resurgence with its proposed fixes?
grexx There is too much money in BTC and ETH.
If either one were to completely collapse, it would take the industry years to rebound if it ever even could.
42letters i see what you mean
the finances would dry up and halt many projects
grexx The investors would flee back to Gold, Stocks, FIAT, development funds would dry up, interest would wane, and the market would screech to a halt.
Like it or not, we need them both.
It has to be a slow steady decline and transition to new tech like it has been with Eth taking market share from Bitcoin.
42letters yea
grexx Over time, I think the market share will spread between a lot of projects until we don't even think about anyone being truly dominate but all necessary for the ecosystem to exist.
42letters i hope so
grexx Alright, I am leaving for real this time. I still have family in town for the rest of this week, just wanted to jump on since we are a little thin right now with a lot of our guys traveling.
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Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

soccer betting bitcoin bet bitcoin bitcoin casino. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a ... DIY Bitcoin Mining: Hardware (part1) - Duration: 7:45. Fred Yen 1,613,738 views. 7:45 . How ... - best csgo betting sites that are still up. You can bet on esports with bitcoins Cryptocurrency Betting - Bet on Esports, Market Prediction, and More! [AltBet] - Altbet reached out to me to review their platform, and that is what I did! Let me know what you think! # ... Wagerr Decentralize Betting ... BITCOIN BULL TRAP GET RICH QUICK – CRYPTO & COFFEE #0079 - Duration: 16:50. Cryptoxicate 22 views. New; 16:50 Nobita Gaming Live DAY 350 LockDown League ... Is Bitcoin gambling legal? Apr 30, 2019 The current legal framework in most of the United States DOES NOT expressly stipulate that betting bitcoins or other cryptocurrency in online casinos is ...